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Excludes: Transfer to/from Gansbaai
Transfer to/from Gansbaai: R400
Breakfast + Light lunch

Self Drive: R1300-00

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Great White Shark Cage Diving and Viewing

One of the many fantastic things about South Africa is that we are blessed with some of the most diverse and awe inspiring wildlife that you would struggle to find anywhere else in the world

There are countless reasons to visit Cape Town and right at the very top of that list has to be a day spent Great White Shark cage diving. These magnificent creatures of the sea play a hugely important ecological role in our oceans and we strive to educate as many people as possible about the true nature of the great white shark. Get up and personal with a Great White

No scuba diving experience is necessary. If you don't fancy going into the cage however, you can view the sharks from the comfort of the boat's deck. Gansbaai is world famous for being one of the only locations in the world where you can witness the great white sharks breaching (this is when they jump out of the water, in an aerial display, when they have ambushed their prey)

Your hearts pounding and every nerve ending in your body feels alive and fantastic! You don't want to miss this. Come on in, the water's fine....

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